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  • Laurie

Why Apple Cocktails Hold a Sentimental Space in my Heart

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Bourbon Heritage month is almost here. Cocktail menus will drop their light and refreshing cocktails in favor of rich and comforting drinks. Luckily bourbon is flexible. It is in my mind anyway. As a fan of whiskey, I notice whiskey cocktails on menus quite a bit. What makes bourbon adjustable is the consistency on how it’s made. What does change are the flavor profiles as the bourbon ages. In a transitional month like September you can play with late summer harvest flavors like peaches at the beginning of the month and by month’s end you’re in full Fall mode with apples and warming spices. As a lifetime Washington state resident, I learned to love apples at a young age. After all when your home state grows more apples than any other state in the US and it’s a main export for the state, you learn to love apples, or at least appreciate them. Even now when fresh apples arrive at the farmer’s market, I know Fall is on the way.

Apples are a part of my culture and a part of my childhood. To be able to blend apples with my passion for whiskey cocktails makes my soul smile. This take on a whiskey sour adds applejack and aromatic bitters to compliment the richness of the bourbon. The lemon lightens it up to add a hint of tartness.


Apple Whiskey Sour

½ oz fresh squeezed lemon juice

3-4 dashes of angostura bitters

¼-1/2 oz 2:1 rich simple syrup

¾ oz blended applejack (80 proof)

1 1/4oz Bourbon (86 proof)

Add ingredients to shaker tin in order listed. Shake for 3-5 minutes depending on if you have soft ice or draft ice. Double strain into chilled coupe glass and serve. Garnish with lemon twist if you desire.

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