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  • Laurie

The Beginnings of my Stiggins Fancy Adventure

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

The advantage of living in a city with neighborhood bars like Canon you end up discovering unique and delicious spirits.

The allure of pineapple being a natural sweet treat is what draws me to it. When an acquaintance introduced Stiggins to me he was low key about it. He made a daiquiri, put it down in front of me and walked away. The minute the daiquiri hit my taste buds I fell in love with Stiggins Fancy. I asked what he used to make the daiquiri. He planted the bottle in front of me. He then shared how this pineapple rum made its way back into production. Stiggins Fancy is far from cloyingly sweet. The infusion of the pineapple adds a lovely balance of flavors to the rum.It would be a few months before I would realize how rare it is to acquire a bottle.

The first time I tried Stiggins was November 2015. In March 2016 I wanted to pick up a bottle of my own. This is when I learned you can't pick it up at your local BevMo or Total Wine especially in the state of Washington. It became a quest.

My quest led me all over Seattle to seek out this lovely rum at as many places I could find it. One of the most obvious choices was Rumba. As a rum focused bar they have one of the best selections I've seen of rum in the city. It was during one of visits to Rumba I would end up making new friends. Who would in turn tell me about a Plantation Rum tasting. Luckily this was a tasting run by the Plantation Brand Ambassador.

I had chatted with Rocky over Twitter. This is how I had learned how rare it was to buy Plantation Stiggins Fancy retail. It's one thing to have a discussion with a Brand Ambassador in social media. However it's quite another to have a conversation in person. After all, most of us rather speak face to face with someone rather than a fleeting discussion on social. So naturally I jumped at the chance to go to the tasting. I not only had the chance to learn more about the Plantation Brand but how their rums are made. It helped me get my feet wet with rum and learn a little bit more about it. I'd say if you have a chance to go to any spirits tasting do it. You will learn about the brand. However you will also learn about what you like and what you don't like. If like me you fall in love with a particular expression you will at minimum get great direction where to buy it.

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